Golf has always been a popular sport for wagering, particularly in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. However, it is currently also one of the most rapidly expanding betting markets in North America. The PGA Tour is embracing gambling and forging ties with bookmakers. This has led to the integration of odds into broadcasts and the expansion of betting markets on betting sites.

Read on to discover more about how to wager on golf, whether you’re wanting to improve your game or you’re just starting out.

Betting on the PGA Tour

Professional tours like as the PGA Tour provide golf odds almost every week, creating golf a sport that is played throughout the year. Major PGA tournaments and team competitions like as the Ryder Cup are the most popular wagering opportunities in golf.

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With more individuals betting on golf, the number of wagering options has increased. And with events spanning four days, bookmakers are fast to issue new odds for golf wagering, providing alternatives well beyond which player will finish first.


Types of Golf Betting

Similar to other team sports, there are several ways to wager on golf. The most popular market is choosing the tournament’s outright winner, but there are several other alternatives, including head to head contests and numerous props.

Betting on the winner outright

The most prevalent kind of wagering in golf is selecting the event winner. For instance, the odds to win the British Open as of June 23, 2021 are as follows.

GolferBritish Open Odds
Jon Rahm+900
Rory McIlroy+1,100

Jon Rahm is the favorite to win the British Open at Royal St. George’s Golf Course, with odds of +900. This implies that for every $100 gambled, you might gain $900 if Rahm wins. The odds for the favorite to win a golf event often vary from +800 to +1,200.

Now, let’s examine a player with a lower betting position, such as Rory McIlroy. With odds of +1,100, a $100 wager that Morikawa wins his second major would provide a profit of $1,100.

Odds on each outcome

Odds on each outcome enable you to bet on a player to win the event while also finishing in a certain position, such as third or eighth. An each-way bet consists of two bets with distinct rewards. If a participant wins the event, they will get payouts on both sides of the each-way bet. If they did not win but finished third, just the Top-3 side of the each-way bet would be rewarded.

You may wager on who will win the tournament, as demonstrated in the example above. These bets are often made prior to the start of the tournament and are graded on the final standings after four rounds. If bookmakers provide live golf odds, you may also wager on the outright winner between rounds and during play.

Odds for head-to-head and three-way

Instead of betting on one player vs the whole field, you may bet on one player versus another in head-to-head golf betting odds, which work similarly to a moneyline. The oddsmakers will set odds on which player will finish first and second, and you may choose which player you believe will have the better tournament.

Golf odds in three ways Simply adding a third participant to the odds mix allows you to wager on which of the three players will finish higher at the conclusion of the tournament.

Four additional golf betting options

1. Round totals 

A player’s estimated final score for the round will be determined by the oddsmakers, and you may wager on whether the player will finish with a score that is Over or Under that number.

Tiger Woods’ Round 1 score total, for example, may be 69.5. That instance, if you believe Woods will finish with a score of 69 or better, you should wager on the Under. If you believe Woods will shoot greater than 69 in Round 1, you should wager on the Over.

2. Golf prop bets

Golf prop betting is one of the fastest-growing industries, with golf odds on anything from hole-to-hole outcomes to chances on a hole-in-one and whether or not a player will make the cut. The big competitions, such as the Masters, U.S. Open, PGA Championship, British Open Championship, and Ryder Cup, have the most golf betting props.

3. Golf futures 

Futures chances to win big competitions, such as the Ryder Cup or the Masters, are often available far before the event week. Golf betting markets for major events are active months before the first round starts.

4. Live betting on golf

As a tournament progresses, the majority of online or mobile sportsbooks will provide live golf odds that are regularly updated to reflect the outcomes on the course. This covers odds for the overall winner, odds for the round, and odds for specific players hole-by-hole.

Tips on Golf Betting

There are a few important things to take into account before putting your stake when betting on golf odds:

Current form

Current form is where the oddsmakers start when putting up the weekly event odds, so golf bettors should start there as well. Golfers, like teams, may go through hot and cold spells.

These streaks may include tournament victories, Top-5 and Top-10 finishes, or just performing above and above their typical standard and average result. You should pay special attention to these streaks and what’s causing them. Sometimes it’s an improvement in performance, while other times it’s just participating in tournaments with smaller fields.

Cold streaks may also appear, and these skids are often linked to a specific aspect of a player’s game, such as poor putting or driving accuracy. Injuries and recuperation time, as well as experimenting with swing mechanics, methods, and working in new clubs, may all have an effect on a golfer’s performance.

Course fit 

“Horse for courses” is a famous golf betting expression that refers to matching a player’s strengths and weaknesses to the current course layout.

Some golf courses feature wider fairways and a longer average length each hole, making them more suited to players who have a long average distance per drive and can locate the green fast. Courses with narrow fairways and hazards off the tee, on the other hand, reward players with more driving accuracy.

A plethora of water and sand bunkers, as well as hard pin placement, stress the need of identifying players with a precise approach and excellent scrambling numbers, while unexpected undulating greens may rapidly give those exceptional putters the advantage on the scoreboard.

Course history 

Golfers often gravitate toward specific courses for a variety of reasons, including layout, familiarity, or just constant comfort. The same may be stated about difficulties on certain courses.

Golf gamblers should always examine a player’s course history, looking for round-by-round consistency and how the tournament’s layout compares to past years. Regional familiarity should also be taken into account, since golfers from that state or area are likely to have played these courses outside of professional competitions.


Weather may drastically alter how a course plays, from high winds requiring players to cut their drives and rely on precision to rain soaking the fairways and greens, making the course play slower. Always check the extended prognosis for the whole event as well as the specific daily forecasts before betting on golf futures, head-to-head markets, or prop odds.

From that, you can determine how much the weather may assist or damage a player depending on their skill set, or you can look at which players are accustomed to playing in less-than-ideal circumstances based on where they’re from.

Based on the start time, golfers may experience varied degrees of weather throughout the day. A golfer who plays early in the morning may encounter a softer and slower course than a golfer who plays later in the afternoon, when the sun and heat have dried up the fairways and greens, allowing them to play quicker.

Where can you bet on golf?

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